Alpine lacs Barone and Porchieirsc

From Sonogno (918 m), the last town of Verzasca Valley, a path leads to the lakes Barone and Porchieirsc. The first stage of the route is Cabioi (1079 m), then continues through the Corte di Fondo (1487 m), Piodoo (1950 m) up to the Rifugio Barone (2172 m), from which it gets to the omonimous lake (2391 m ).

Other way out but to fall back to Piodoo and, crossing the Alps of Porchier (2079 m), we arrive at Lake Porchieirsc (2190 m). The path does not present any particular difficulty and the usual mountain equipment is required. The stretch Sonogno-Cabioi can be driven by car, but only with the approval of the municipality of Sonogno. Since the very long path, a two-day trip is highéy recommended for untrained hikers. Overnight stay is possible in Rifugio Barone.

There are two alternative routes which require a good preparation.


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