Museum of the Verzasca Valley


The "Museo Val Verzasca" is located in Sonogno, in the last village in the valley, at the beginning of the road that runs through the village and leads into the Redorta Valley.

Consisting of two buildings, one historic and one modern, the museum brings tradition and current events into dialogue. The main themes are: 

MINOR WORK YESTERDAY AND TODAY: focusing on the history of the Verzasca's chimney-sweeping children and children's rights. Hannes Binder's illustrations from the novel "I Fratelli Neri" are animated in a large interactive book. 

IN MOVEMENT: transhumance, land use, landscape development with a 3d model of the Verzasca Valley. The installation "La moia Verzasca" invites visitors to leave a trace of their personal view of the valley. 

The museum is present in the area with ethnographic itineraries, in Frasco with the 19th-century mill and the small power plant from the early 1920s, and in Odro with the little wild hay museum.

The museum website also features a description of the "Sentiero delle leggende" (legends trail), which is part of the European Fairy Tale Route and offers videos of the legends translated into LIS sign language.

Opening hours (29.03-27.10.2024):
Tuesday - Sunday: 11.00h - 16.00h
Monday closed

Adults: CHF 7.00
Children 6-16 years: CHF 4.00
Children up to 6 years: free

Guided tours (also in LIS sign language): admission + CHF 100.00

More info: