Trail of legends

Gerra Verzasca

The “sentiero delle leggende” (trail of legends) is a circular walk suitable for all, families and experienced hikers. Just follow the fox that appears on the signposts and on the boards of the 8 main stages to experience an hour and a half of magic in and out of the woods and discover the places shaped by characters, stories and legends of the Verzasca Valley.

The forest is an ecological system where different plant species, insects, wild and domestic animals live together. But it has always been a cultural space too, interspersed with figures that stimulate rumors and fantasy. Along the way you can read stories of talking animals, witches, crüsc, devils and saints that enliven the woods, mountains, alpine pastures, villages, the river or the caves of the Verzasca Valley, or listen to these stories on your smartphone by scanning the QR-code that you find on the sign panels. Legends such as that of the Criisc, the elves who lived in the caves of the Mergoscia Mountains, of gold in a lake of the Verzasca, of the hunter of Sonogno or of the man of the forest are the ancient and profound expression that gives name to the fears, challenges and ingenuity of the human being in the face of the trials of life shared with nature, and this path is a way to collect and appreciate them all where they were born.


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  • Suitable for families


  • History museums