Walk of Fame Locarno


Discover the Locarno Walk of Fame: the walk of the stars in the heart of Locarno, a stone's throw from the Piazza Grande, in the lovely setting of the Giardini Rusca, in the area adjacent to the famous "Toro" by sculptor Remo Rossi.

The Locarno Walk of Fame collects the bronze handprints of great musicians who have visited Locarno on the occasion of Moon&Stars. Its history began in 2008, when the first bronze slabs with the handprints of four artists who had been guests of Moon&Stars that year were placed in the parks along the Largo Zorzi avenue. Over time, the number of musicians who wanted to leave a mark of their visit in Locarno grew, so a new project had to be devised, which will be launched in 2022 with more than 80 handprints. The totems placed along the avenue of the Giardini Rusca are each made up of 3 rotating cubes measuring 50x50x50 cm with which you can interact to discover all the handprints, created over the years by sculptor Gianmarco Torriani.

The Locarno Walk of Fame is freely accessible to the public. Stroll through the gardens and take a photo with your musical idol's handprint!