Ascona: Cultural itinerary


Discover Ascona’s cultural treasures that recall the city’s history and its protagonists.

The Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna Ascona carries on the promotion of its cultural environment, by offering to the pubic an ideal “cultural itinerary” through the town of Ascona and the immediate surroundings. The itinerary not only involves the more significant monuments, such as the Church of the Virgin of Mercy or the Church of the Saints Peter and Paul, but also other important cultural institutions. Thus, in addition to the Castello San Materno Museum and the Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna, the itinerary includes also the San Materno Theatre, the Ignaz and Mischa Epper Foundation, the Rolf Gérard Foundation, the Monte Verità Foundation and last but not least the Eranos Foundation in Moscia.