Bassavalle Circuit

This route is relatively easy and meanders for 14 km. The path is only partly tarmacked. It is a route that can be accessed from several points. One possibility is to leave from the Villa d’Epoca at Ronchini. Cross the main road towards the school centre. Follow the path through the wood to the Moghegno bridge, where you again cross the main road and take the minor road which passes through the centre of Maggia. Take a look at the Santa Maria delle Grazie church and the main square. As you leave the village, there is the beautiful waterfall from the Salto valley as well as the parish church of San Maurizio to admire. About 50 metres before the junction of the minor road with the main road, a sign indicates the way to Lodano. This lovely woodland track leads to the bridge over the river, on the other side of which lies Lodano. Descending along the river bank for about 1 kilometre, the return towards the lower end of the valley floor is then along a small country lane. Here the landscape changes to vines and magnificent “rustici” (traditional stonebuilt houses) (the area called “Torn”) with a gorgeous view over Maggia village and the river of the same name. Once you arrive at Moghegno, having visited the village, you cross land towards Aurigeno. Turn left immediately on entering the village and descend towards the river where you cross the river over a footbridge. Follow part of the “Percorso vita” fitness trail, which leads to Gordevio. Having seen the village pick up the route in the opposite direction to return to the departure point, the Villa d’Epoca.


Elevation difference: 109 m 
Maximum elevation: 364 m above sea level 
Distance: 14 km 
Time: 3 h 
Region: Vallemaggia 
Departure: Aurigeno, Ronchini, Villa d’Epoca 
Places of interest en route: Ronchini - Maggia - Lodano -
Moghegno - Aurigeno - Gordevio - Ronchini 
Route: Mountain bike tour