Biking holidays: Gottardo Bike


An impressive conquest of the main chain of the Alps from Andermatt to Biasca in the Ticino. The Gottardo-Bike route holds the world-famous Gotthardpass, the lonely Piora high plain and the largely unknown Val Blenio. The Gotthardpass has for centuries been one of the most important North-South links and also achieved military significance in World War II. The area is laced with subterranean bunkers, planned to offer refuge in an emergency. Extensive stretches of the route were originally military access roads. The contrast to the Piora plain further south could not be greater. Here the focus is on nature. The peaceful plain with its two mountain lakes nestles in a rugged high-Alpine landscape.
The descent into Val Blenio mainly follows the old route of the Lukmanier road. In medieval times the Passo del Lucomagno was the most important North-South link until the development of the Gotthard region. The route to Olivone leads through open larch groves, over lush green plains, through dense pine forests and counts as one of the most beautiful tours in north Ticino.

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Day 1: Individual arrival in Andermatt | Andermatt - Airolo
Mainly on the old pass road and old mule paths up to the legendary Gotthardpass. From the bleak high-mountain landscape on through the Valle Leventina, a thrilling downhill run through forests and ancient hamlets to the traffic hub of Airolo.

Details: 30 km (Single-Trails: 2 km), uphill 960 m, downhill 1.250 m

Day 2: Airolo Bike

The itinerary offers an unforgettable panorama. The descents are very varied and will please the less daredevils. You will enjoy breathtaking scenery: pine forests, meadows and majestic crests. 

Details: 20 km (Single-Trails: 2 km), uphill 380 m, downhill 1'300 m

Day 3: Airolo - Olivone
Impressive pass from Valle Leventina into Val Blenio. The lovely Piora plain with its mountain lakes nestles in a rugged landscape, the descent to Olivone is marked by larch woods, lush green plains and dense pine forests.

Details: 20 km (Single-Trails: 7 km), uphill 665 m, downhill 1.090 m

Day 4: Bovarina Bike

From the valley till the alpine huts. From the historic road through the woods which from Olivone bring you to the Bovarina hut, to an altitude of 1.870 m.

Details: 32 km (Single-Trails: 7 km), uphill 1.295 m, downhill 1'820 m

Day 5: Olivone - Biasca
This stage explores the Val Blenio, one of the most beautiful valleys in the northern Ticino, and is technically easy, mostly on old country roads. Always with views sweeping along the impressive valley slopes.

Details: 35 km (Single-Trails: 10 km), uphill 1.245 m, downhill 1.835 m


  • 4 overnights stays with breakfast
  • Daily luggage transport 
  • Ticino Ticket
  • Guide 
  • Detailed tour documentation
  • GPS-data available
  • 7-day Helpline 

To be noted:

  • Airolo - Pesciüm cable car. Approx. CHF 21.00 with half-fare and bike 
  • Optional: Olivone-Campra bus journey. CHF 5.00 with half-fare card and bicycle

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