BoBosco – Boccia al bosco

Brione Verzasca

Get to know the Verzasca Valley in a playful way with BoBosco, immerse yourself in nature and make hiking a fun experience also for kids.

Boccia al bosco, or BoBosco for short, is an ingenious marble run made of chestnut wood that runs from Brione Verzasca to Lavertezzo. The 5.5 km trail through the forest, along the emerald green river Verzasca, makes this walk not only an exciting game for families, but also a natural spectacle in a beautiful landscape.

A marble run made of chestnut wood to get to know the Verzasca Valley, to introduce children to nature and to add an extra touch of fun to hiking. The wooden balls needed for the marble run can be purchased for CHF 9 at one of the sales points. The starting

point is in Brione Verzasca and the route leads to Lavertezzo, where the famous Roman bridge can be admired. Along the 5.5 km you will come across 12 exciting constructions such as pulleys or water locks that carry the marble forward, picnic areas to take a break and if you keep your eyes open you might even meet one or the other inhabitants of this beautiful chestnut forest. BoBosco, an adventure for families and everyone who enjoys nature and games.

Sales point wooden balls:

  • Mini Market Brione: 
  • Kiosk Lavertezzo: April - October
  • Grotto Al Ponte: May - October
  • Sonogno Infopoint: May - October
  • Dam Infopoint: April - October
  • Tourist Office Tenero:
  • Vending machine Brione Verzasca (at Ristorante Ai Piée)


  • Suitable for families
  • Eco-friendly