Brissago Islands - A guided tour for the blind and visually impaired

Brissago e isole

Surrounded by the Locarno mountains and Lake Maggiore, the Brissago Islands are the most internationally renowned botanical garden in Canton Ticino. Inside there is a vivid tropical atmosphere thanks to the two thousand species of plants from all continents.

The Brissago Islands now offer guided tours for the blind and visually impaired: a journey through the perception of the beauty and riches present that involves all the senses.

A tour of the world in a very short time, from the Mediterranean basin to the Cape region in South Africa, from the Californian coast to the south-eastern coast of Australia and the area of Chile. This is an excursion full of nuances, stories, customs and scents from these five Mediterranean and tropical geographical areas brought back to the Islands.

The guides are ready to shock your senses with spectacles of shapes, species, habitats and scents. They will accompany you on this journey full of culture and exciting events such as hugging the Chilean palm tree and feeling the majesty of Europe's oldest specimen.

As the renowned Little Prince put it: "It's very simple: you can only see with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes".

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