CHIVA SUN Holistic Healing Center & Spa

Brione s/Minusio

CHIVA SUN Holistic Healing Center & Spa, Brione s/Minusio

Above Lake Maggiore lies a unique Holistic Healing Center & Spa with spectacular views over the Brissago Islands to Italy. Nestled in the mountains and valleys, the powerful place offers a timeless space for the mind, soul and body to be balanced.


Under the direction of Gabriela Ghenzi, a professional team of experienced therapists will take care of you with love and wise guidance.


The energy focus of CHIVA SUN is the concentration to perceive the human being as what one is and wants to be and not to separate one’s body from one’s mind and soul. By integrating the individual connection with the personal history of each client, CHIVA SUN helps to bring energy back into flow in order to achieve a new, holistic balance.


The prelude is often a personal consultation with health analysis. However, you can also choose a treatment directly from our range and get to know us through an initial experience. CHIVA SUN offer includes holistic forms of therapy from the West and East - such as yoga, meditation, breathing therapy, various massage techniques and detox programs. In the skin and beauty treatments based on exclusive and effective products, sustainability and respect for the earth are our guideposts. For a while, we accompany you on your life path and give you experienced and competent advice on basic topics that concern us on the way to achieving a happy and fulfilled life. These include health, inner freedom, good aging, work-life balance, stress and crisis management, relationships and finances. The focus is always on identifying and balancing the forces that move you. A wide range of retreats & workshops on selected topics round off the comprehensive array of amenities offer.


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Holistic Healing Center & Spa

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