Cardada Cimetta


Could you ever have imagined that there is an observation point above Locarno from which you can see the lowest point (Lake Maggiore) and the highest point (Dufour peak in the Monte Rosa massif) in Switzerland?

The romantic Locarno-Madonna del Sasso-Orselina funicular takes you up in a few minutes to Orselina, the cable car departure station, designed by architect Mario Botta. Thanks to its location between Maggia Valley and Verzasca Valley, Cardada Cimetta is the ideal starting point for all-weather walks to the heart-shaped see or hikes to both valleys or higher up by hiking the Via Alta Vallemaggia.

In Cimetta, the Locarno mountain peak at 1671 meters above sea level, which can be reached by cable car and chairlift, a circular geological observatory point has been built, which fits like a platform between the rocks. There is a variety of informations about the region and the European and African continental plates. To the east the view flows along the Magadino area until Bellinzona. To the west the view sweeps over some of the most famous peaks of the Swiss Alps such as Dufour peak. To the south, beyond the mountains crowning Lake Maggiore, on a clear day it’s possible to make out in the distance the Ligurian Apennines, located next to Genoa.

Further in Cardada, a few dozen meters from the cable car arrival station, a landscape promontory has been built. Accessible to strollers and wheelchairs, it seems to be suspended in the air and infuses through the fir tree tops like a fugue, projecting into the breathtaking panorama, showing Lake Maggiore, the Centovalli and part of the Vallemaggia.  

There is also no shortage of family offerings with, fotosport Grand Tour of Switzerland, the swing #swingtheworld, various play areas and fun treasure hunts for kids, as well as Geocaching via GPS for children and adults.

Sports lovers will find the Cardada Bike 397 trail, Nordic walking trails, an orienteering trail and a paragliding take-off point. After all these activities a nice barefoot walk on the small footpath promises relaxation and well-being.

Don't forget a delicious meal made from local products and culinary specialties at one of the mountain's five restaurants.