Chiesa di S. Francesco Locarno


The church of S. Francesco, near the convent of the same name, dates back to 1316, according to the tradition. The current building has however been reconstructed in 1583 with the stones of the Visconteo castle. The facade of the basilica is in roman style. In its inferior part there are low-reliefs decorated with symbols representing, according to the tradition, the emblems of the three corporations of the population of Locarno: the eagles of the noble, the beef of the bourgeoisie and the lamb of the landlords. It also presents an inscription in gothic characters with the name of Franchino Rusca and the date 1427. The three naves are cut by impressive columns of granite and, on the sides, some chapels shelter stucco and marble altars dating back to the XVIII. Century. On the walls of the minor naves, we can observe fresco traces from the XVIII. Century. characterized by perspective effets of profane style, works of the Orelli painters from Locarno.
The adjacent convent, from the order of the miner brothers, has been transformed into a cantonal lecture institute after its reconstruction in 1893.