Church of the hill San Michele


The hill San Michele in Ascona, famous for its castle and embellished with its villas, conceals an ancient past. Thanks to an archaeological study, it is established that in this place human history goes back as far as 5’000 years.

As big as the Montebello Castle in Bellinzona, the castle of San Michele is one of the four ancient settlements in Ascona (with it St. Maternus, the Griglioni and Carcano) and was built between the 6th and 15th century. The area extends over 150 meters to the south and 50 to the east, it also covers four plots of private property and, at this moment, public access is very limited. The church of San Michele (rarely open) is positioned on the area and dates back to the 17th century.

The southern facing slope, which can be accessed on foot only from the centre of the old town, overlooks the lake from a strategic position, with views reaching as far as Cannero (Italy).