Costa Pedemontana | Cavigliano - Tegna

Winter walking hikes in our region.
Description of the itinerary:


This excursion starts in Cavigliano and ends near the Grotto America in Ponte Brolla.

Follow the Valle Onsernone's main road to the bus stop in Cresmino (506 m.). Once there, turn to the right and follow the mostly level trail heading to Ronconaia and Pianazzo. On the same trail, at the fork with the trail that leads from Cavigliano to Nebi e Gerbi, follow the sign "Ri d'Auri" and "Motto delle Vacche", to arrive in the area near the hill known as "Monda" (656 m.). After a short time you will then reach Streccia (627 mt.). Walking time from Cresmino to Streccia is aprox. 1 hour and 20 minutes. Streccia is the starting point of an alternative route, going to Dunzio and the Maggia Valley. From Streccia you descend the valley instead in direction south, towards Frassonedo and Riei along the creek "Riei". At an altitude of 520 mt. you reach a recently rebuilt stone bridge crossing the same creek. The trail continues downhill towards Verscio, but here you turn left and heading east you will reach the Oratorio di Sant'Anna, a wonderful 17th century building, from where you can enjoy an excellent view over the lake and the "Terre di Pedemonte".

From this church it's possible to get down to Verscio and Tegna, or continuing uphill to the Colma's chapel, recently constructed in the jubilee year 2000; descend to the Forcola passage (464 m.) (you can get there followning a good marked path), at the fork to the "Rovine del Castelliere" (Castelliere's ruins), an interesting archaeological place and other good point of observation.

Getting down to the "Gropp" and to the Maggia river, following the narrow road (close to the traffic) to Ponte Brolla. Beyond the so called "Orrido" (impressive gorge on the Maggia river) is the Centovallina train station, where it's possible to catch a train back to Cavigliano or travel to Locarno.

This itinerary is indicated from spring to fall. During the winter this area could be eventually covered with snow and ice, so attention must be paid to the trails conditions.


Requested time: approx. 5 h.