Born with the idea of creating a network for providers of outdoor activities and offering guests the opportunity to enjoy authentic experiences with local guides and instructors.

Crion makes any outdoor activity possible. The innovative platform is the centrepiece of an extensive and diverse network connected to all guides and associations in the region. Whether you dream of crossing the Ticino Alps, sailing on the crystal-clear lakes or experiencing unique nature experiences, Crion will make your wish come true.

Our commitment to promoting responsible tourism is reflected in activities that not only respect nature, but also celebrate it, allowing you to discover the beauty of Ticino in a sustainable way. Crion is your gateway to experiences that will leave a positive impression on the region and in the memories of your guests.

Choose Crion for an event that exceeds all expectations. Together we will transform your vision into a marvellous reality full of adventure and discovery. With Crion, every moment becomes an opportunity to discover and celebrate the best that Ticino has to offer.