Cronoparty & Services


What makes our company different from the others ? More than 15 years of activity based on the same customers that come back with new tasks !

so we become the ideal partner and we guide the client towards optimal solutions.

The demands of the customer, the locations and the weather make the event unique with its peculiarities and its problems that are solved beforehand. We have at our disposal the necessary logistics to organize events for up to 1200 people!

Choosing in 1993 as slogan, and therefore as company philosophy for the rising cronoparty, the promise to offer suited solutions to the specific needs of every customer meant committing ourselves completely.  The fact that we are still present on the market, and above all with an activity which in the meantime has developed greatly, means that we have kept the promise we have made at the time.

Customers that often entrust us bigger and more important tasks is a further acknowledgement of the confidence they place in us. Our task therefore becomes always more difficult but, at the same time, always more stimulating. We enthusiastically welcome every contact with a new customer which leads to new challanges. In the future, whatever situation we will face, our aim will therefore be unaltered: to offer good solutions to the  expressed or hidden demands of the customers. To contribute to the success of their events is in fact the only way we have to guarantee our success.


  • Catering company
  • Event organizer