Excursion 04 | Verscio - Aurigeno

Description of the itinerary:


Path through the Terre di Pedemonte and the low Maggia Valley. It passes along the Ri di Riei up to the terrace between the two valleys; beautiful the view over the lake and Ticino's mountains. In Frassonedo possibility of getting some food in a small grotto (open saturdays, sundays and holidays). After crossing Streccia e Djula, you turn left towards Capoli, along a large well marked path.
As soon as you reach this wide area, the path leads down towards Aurigeno through woods till it joins the Aurigeno-Dunzio road. Follow this road until Aurigeno or follow the river towards Avegno, which you reach after a one hour walk.


Requested time: approx. 4 1/2 h.