Ferrovia Monte Generoso


For over 130 years now, the cogwheel railway has been running along a 9 km stretch of the picturesque mountain scenery of the Monte Generoso Natural Park, from Capolago on Lake Lugano to the peak at an altitude of 1704 m.
The steam train from 1890 is the oldest one still in operation in Switzerland and the trains from the 1950s take the passengers back to the times of the Belle Époque.

Monte Generoso offers a vast selection of excursions suitable for those looking for a relaxing stroll surrounded by nature as well as avid mountaineers seeking a challenge on the numerous mountain trails. This is an ideal place for an immersive outdoor experience surrounded by magnificent landscape.

The Fiore di pietra tourist establishment is a unique work of architecture by architect Mario Botta. The gastronomy concept and interior design for the cozy Generoso self-service restaurant with a terrace, the “Fiore di pietra” restaurant and the Belvedere conference room make the the top of the Monte Generoso a unique place.

The 1704m summit is reached after travelling for 40 minutes through an unspoiled landscape. From here an enchanting panorama can be enjoyed that takes in all of the lakes in the region (Lugano, Como, Varese and Maggiore), also the city of Lugano, the Po Valley region with Milan and from the Apennines right over to the Alpine chain, from Gran Paradiso to Monte Rosa, from the Matterhorn to the Jungfrau and the Gotthard massif to the Bernina group of mountains.


  • 4 electric trains, 2 vintage trains, 1 steam locomotive from 1890
  • 51 km hiking paths
  • Excursions with the steam train from 1890


Story: 130 years old but not feeling it


  • Suitable for families


  • Railways
  • Funiculars - Cable cars