Funicular Monte San Salvatore


Monte San Salvatore (912 m a.s.l) towers majestically over Lugano, offering a unique perspective of Lake Ceresio, the Lombard plain and of the magnificent mountain ranges of the Swiss and Savoy Alps. The church roof and the Capodoro Terrace with their lookout points offer stunning 360° panoramic views.

Gaze into the distance and enjoy the moment while your children have fun in the nearby playground! On the San Salvatore you can relax and chill out, just a stone’s throw from the bustling city.

From the mountain top, you can descend down along the hiking trail that leads to Ciona (Carona) or to Pazzallo and Paradiso. It winds its way through an unspoiled and regenerating landscape with several lookout points offering magnificent panoramic views.  A nature path well suited to all, from families to schools, winds its way along the mountain top ridge; besides the breathtaking look-out points, you will also be able to discover many of nature’s treasures and wonders. More experienced and braver mountain climbers, with the right equipment, will be tempted to climb the exclusive “via ferrata”.

Ascension Day is celebrated every year in the old chapel on the top of Mount San Salvatore, giving anyone who wishes the opportunity to participate in a moment of prayer. A permanent exhibition featuring reproductions of tourism posters winds its way along a path from the arrival station at the summit all the way to the top of the mountain. The San Salvatore Museum (former 17th Century hospice) reveals the history of the Archconfraternity of Good Death and Prayer, displaying remarkably prestigious works of art and objects collected over the course of the centuries. The upper floor of the museum is dedicated to geology, including rocks, minerals and fossils and to the speleology of the region, all testaments to the evolution of the natural environment. Another room gives us an idea of the historical significance of storms and of research into lightening, a natural phenomenon which has always intrigued man.

Going to the top you can take a rest  as you please at the veranda or panoramic terrace or at the free picnic area. Whatever you choose, you will find a nice place and a friendly atmosphere. Gourmet menus inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, with healthy seasonal products fresh from the market as well as a fine wine list will attend you. It is the ideal place to organise banquets for a wide variety of celebrations; it can welcome up to 100-150 guests at noon throughout the season and in the evenings during the summer months. Thanks to their exclusive location, the multi-use rooms are well-suited to welcoming from 6 to 100 people for all types of meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops and VIP events. The comprehensive technical infrastructure satisfies all professional requirements.

Cable car
The funicular is only 500 meters away from the motorway (A2/E 35) exit Lugano-Sud and 5 minutes from the Paradiso railway station; it offers easy parking and reaches the mountain top in just 10 minutes with panoramic views from the carriages. Departures are every 30 minutes, scheduled from morning to evening. In summer, the last train leaves at 11:00 pm.

San Salvatore also in winter
Since December 2019, after 130 years of operation, you can climb the most beloved mountain of Lugano even during the winter season and reach the top using the funicular and of course enjoy the culinary delights of the Restaurant Vetta. The Società Funicolare San Salvatore thus intends to make the “Sugar Loaf Mountain of Switzerland” even more enjoyable and accessible all year round.



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