Museo della Madonna del Sasso



The Museum is located in the oldest section of the convent.
The new presentation places emphasis on the promotion of individual objects, whether liturgical, devotional or conventual. Particular emphasis has been placed on the oeuvre of Antonio Ciseri (1821–1891), an outstanding representative of 19th-century academic painting.
Furthermore, the exhibition brings together examples of
piety linked with the Sanctuary and the life of the convent,
and illustrates its links with local artists and artistic centres
in Italy affected by emigration from Ticino.


Opening hours:
From April 1st till June 27th (Fr, Sa, Su): 09.30h - 12.30h / 13.00h - 17.00h
From July 1st till Novembre 28th (Th, Fr, Sa, Su): 09.30h - 12.30h / 13.00h - 17.00h

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