Negozio Sapori Nostrani Val Magia


It is a meeting point for locals and tourists, where they will also find an area used as an infopoint to get to know the activities and hiking trails in our territory.

Our Val Magìa Association promotes the flavours of the Vallemaggia and Ticino territory. In our shop you can find cheeses from the Valmaggese mountain pastures and local farmers, alpine cheeses, formagelle, buscion, mascarpe, always cow or goat cheeses, salametti and other local cold cuts. Wines from various wineries, grappas, artisan beers, as well as honey from the valley and other small artisan productions of pepper, salt, jams.
Also the various qualities of black and red and yellow polenta, the bramata and the Onsernone, as well as the Bona flour.
Various chestnut products.
In the assortment there are also the classic sodas.
A good assortment of sweets from our bakeries.