Orienteering course – fixed trails Terre di Pedemonte


In the Terre di Pedemonte region, only a few kilometers away from Locarno, there are many trails between Tegna, Verscio and Cavigliano that can be travelled on foot, by running or by bicycle.


Furthermore, there are 17 orienteering trails that can be explored on this territory. Each of the three municipalities offers a starting and an end point. The trails are of different sizes and difficulty levels and they pass through different areas: from quite intricate zones in far villages, where a thorough use of the map might be needed, to easier-to-explore residential areas. You will be surprised by the vibrancy of these natural areas, where orienteering experts will find a wide variety of interesting and useful objects for this sport’s aficionados.


The maps are available at the town hall of Cavigliano (technical office).