Ronco s/A - Porera - Brissago

Description of the itinerary:

This excursion starts at the church of Ronco : follow the main road direction Arcegno, pass the cemetery and climb towards Porano (652 m). Turn left and follow the path in direction of Porera: at the turn of the road Gruppaldo - Porera, take the small private road (closed to the traffic) westwards to Campea di fuori and Sponde, go over the river of the Val Crodolo and you will be in Piano (880 m). Follow the road for 1 km and you will arrive in Bassuno (879 m), where the path goes down through the woods in direction Porta (370 m) and later on you will see the church of Madonna del Sacro Monte, a sanctuary which is worth a visit. The road takes you down to Brissago, the goal of our tour of today.

Requested time: approx. 4 h.