Sensory and cultural experiences in the world of craft beer


BeerLab offers activities related to the art and culture of brewing, with a focus on local territories and sustainability. In the production process, local ingredients are preferred as far as possible, for example by valorizing what is left over at the end of the production process. These 'leftovers' become valuable secondary materials, for example in the production of bread and biscuits.

Among the various offers, we would like to highlight the following:

Master brewer for a day
Malts, in addition to water, hops and yeast, are the necessary ingredients for beer production.
BeerLab offers an experiential course to learn the principles of home brewing. Thanks to our micro-plants, people, after setting up the recipe, can start grinding the malt grains and actively participate in the various stages of production. During the brewing process, the characteristics of malt, hops and yeast are explained as well as how these ingredients influence the different styles of beer.
Between the production steps, it is also possible to taste Ticino's craft beers, accompanied by music and local culinary products.
After about ten days, fermentation is complete and the beer produced is delivered to the participants.

  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Price: to be agreed
  • Group size: min 1 max 40

Introduction to beer tasting
Thanks to the expertise of our master brewers and beer sommeliers, we propose an olfactory-tasting journey to discover 5 beer styles. The tasting is always accompanied by local culinary specialties.

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Cost: 60 CHF per person
  • Group size: min 8 max 40

Team building
Discovering the art and culture of brewing, being directly involved in the step-by-step process that leads to the production of a beer, is a multi-sensory experience that is ideal for accompanying formative, reflective and team-building moments. BeerLab offers tailor-made activities in various formats for companies, organizations, associations or groups

  • Duration: to be agreed
  • Cost: to be agreed
  • Group size: max 40

Corporate events
BeerLab offers the possibility of organizing corporate events, as well as celebrations such as birthdays or family parties, combining food with beers chosen by our experts. These events can be completed with the brewing of a beer tailored to the tastes of the participants, as well as other activities agreed upon with them.

  • Duration: to be agreed
  • Cost: to be agreed
  • Group size: max 40


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  • Special offers