Sentiero Collina Bassa

Winter walking hikes in our region.
Description of the itinerary:

This is another easy walk along the hill behind the town of Locarno. The length of the trail is approximately 5 kilometres and stretches between Orselina and Tenero. Both of these villages are reachable by public transportation. The time required for this trail is 1 and ½ hours. Departing point is Orselina (378 meters above sea level), which can also be conveniently reached from Locarno by funicular. In Orselina one shouldn't be miss visiting the famous sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso. Most of the trail consists of paved road, on Via Santuario, a short part of Via Consiglio Mezzano and then, turning to the left on via Caselle (walking past the park of Orselina), it leads through the built-up area in direction of Brione s/Minusio. After a short part of this trail, you will arrive on Via Panoramica (390 mt.). Continuing to the fork with the road descending from Brione to Minusio, stay on this road and walk down to the first turn and take Via Albaredo, which you should follow to the very end of it to Mondacce (310 mt.). From Mondacce, along the waterfall-trail, it's a short walk down to Tenero, from where you could catch the train to travel back to Locarno. For those in good shape, it's suggested to walk back to Locarno, directly along the lakeshore.

Requested time: approx. 1 1/2 h.