Skiing and snowboarding


An amazing variety of pistes

Savour the freedom of skiing or snowboarding in singularly beautiful, charming locations with well maintained pistes. In the winter, Bosco Gurin turns into a skiing resort with a wide range of pistes a special treat for skiing enthusiasts.

The winter resort of Mogno in Val Lavizzara is a great place for families with children who want to learn to ski.

Ski just a few minutes from the center of town; you can do this in Cardada-Cimetta too! Cimetta's ski slopes are ideal for skiers who don't want to undertake long journeys and appreciate the fact that they can have a wonderful time soaking up the sun and enjoying themselves. 





  • Snow-rackets
  • Sports on ice
  • Alpine skiing and snowboard
  • Nordic skiing
  • Sledges and snow activities
  • Snowpark

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