Slow Food Ticino


Slow Food means giving the pleasure connected to food due importance, learning to enjoy the diversity of recipes and flavours, recognize the variety of places of production and producers and comply with the rhythms of the seasons and seasonal products.

The Slow Food philosophy begins with the rediscovery of pleasure through material culture. The pleasure of food is erudite, sensuous, responsible and shared.

The pleasure of food means looking for slow production, rich in tradition and in harmony with ecosystems; it means to defend the knowledge of slow processes which disappear along with food cultures; it means working for the sustainability of food production and thus for the health of the Earth and people's happiness.

The presidia are Slow Food projects which protect small-scale quality products made according to traditional practices. Farina Bona of Onsernone Valley, Zincarlin of the Val da Mücc and Cicitt of the Locano Valleys.