Swing the World - Ticino

«Swing the World» is a project born with the aim of entertaining people in a creative way, stimulating them to spend time outside the walls of their homes, having fun outdoors.

The founders of this initiative «Swing the World»  Elisa Cappelletti and Fabio Balassi are two young people from Ticino with a passion for photography and videomaking. During the lockdown period they came up with the spontaneous idea to produce handcrafting swings and install them in particularly suggestive places of Ticino. And so «Swing the World» was born.

They want to make known to the world the hidden, breathtaking and Instagrammable corners of the territory. All with an eye for ecology. Most of the materials for the creation of the «Swing the World» swings are from the region and are chosen and selected to make them integrate in the best way with the surrounding environment, supporting nature.

Through social media you can follow the project to stay up to date on all new and upcoming locations. The swing creates a perfect setting for a fairytale image, share your photography with them!

Sit back, breathe in the fresh air and let your emotions carry you away.

Here are the current locations:


  • Eco-friendly