Teatro di Locarno


The Teatro di Locarno is a theatre "attentive to novelty, capable of grasping good ideas from the beginning " (Tages Anzeiger).

Following the principle that a theatre is successful insofar as it is in tune with the audience that attends it, the choice of the shows to put on the bill favours the quality and variety of the proposals.

An element of sure call is the name of the most famous actors of the Italian scene that have appeared numerous in the billboard of the Locarno hall, which thanks to this can rightly bear the slogan "Theatre as in Milan". The hall has 500 seats, and thanks to the valid proposals of the programme are frequent evenings sold out. The faithful subscribers are about 800.

Reservations and ticket sales are handled in collaboration with Ascona-Locarno Turismo (tel. 091 759 76 60).