The Art of Communication: body, voice and emotions


Starting with exercises from physical theatre and the performing arts, the workshop “The Art of Communication” proposed by the Accademia Dimitri emphasises fundamental components for effective and captivating communication
- awareness of one's body (posture, gestures, etc.)
- handling one's emotions
- the use of space
- listening to oneself and others
- modes of communication: reading, acting or communicating?

It is aimed at anyone wishing to improve their expressive skills in order to address colleagues and clients, an audience, but also friends and family.

The workshop allows an initial approach to some dimensions of interpersonal communication, but can be deepened in more extended and articulated paths (8-hour workshops).



  • Group size: min 12 max 40 
  • Leghth: approx 3h
  • Validity: all year round
  • Bookable: daily, on request
  • Languages: English - German – French – Italian 
  • Price: approx. 100 CHF per participant 
  • Advanced reservation required
  • Meeting place: Accademia Dimitri (Verscio or Avegno) or to be agreed upon 
  • Useful additional information: Wearing comfortable clothes


  • Group activity/Social program
  • Culture and guided tours