The Sculpture School of Peccia


The Sculpture School located in the upper Vallemaggia represents a piece of the ancient Ticino and is therefor absolving an important task. In fact, the School established itself thanks to the great quantity of raw material, in particular Cristallina-Marble, available up there; as is natural the School found her location near the source.

Many different courses closly liked to sculpture are held from spring to fall in the village of Peccia: Sculpting for beginners or advanced learners, modelling and plaster casting, portrait and nude classes, workshops on aesthetics and history of art, etc. The courses are open to everyone and since 1994 we also run a professional improvement programme (17 weeks in 4 yaers) "Sculpting the stone and tridimensional design".

Since 1997 the School offers 4 atelier-studios with work-place that can be rent by those who want to enjoy the fascination of this valley for a longer period. Thanks to the support of the association "patrons of the scultpure school", the "Sentiero delle sculture", a sculpture exhibition is located in the heart of Peccia, since 2001.

From now on the visitors of Peccia will be greeted with a bright "Benvenuti a Peccia - paese del marmo e della scultura". (Welcome to Peccia - the village of marble and sculptures)