The market of Ascona


The Ascona Market takes place all day on every Tuesday from 2nd April 2024 to October 2024 along the lake promenade of Ascona. During the JazzAscona music festival, the market is held near the parking (autosilo).

There is a wide range of products offered on the numerous stalls and therefore everyone can find something which will suit their taste.

Also the local craftsmanship is well represented with handmade crafts for sale and in many cases items are made out of raw materials from the region such as wool products, wood craft or also home decorating items and accessories made from the famous Ticino granite, well known also in the architecture world and art history. There are of course also the food stalls offering varied products for sale and tasting on place: all kinds of sweets, vegetable pies as well as cheese and cold cuts tasting.

In case of bad weather the market may be cancelled.

Organized by the Associazione Manifestazioni Ascona (AMA).

The evening market of Ascona


  • Cheese
  • Cold cuts
  • Specialties
  • Wine


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