The market of Bellinzona


The Bellinzona market is a popular event that is recognized as one of the best traditions of Ticino. In the city's historic district, among the signs of the ancient inns, multicoloured well prepared stalls draw in visitors to buy fresh top-quality products, at favourable prices.

The market offers the best regional vegetable and fruit products of the season; home-made specialities prepared with ancient recipes and delicious cheese from the valleys are sold by the stalls, together with the lovely local bread. All of this surrounded by a wonderful floral setting.

Next to the joys of the table, other objects are available: from knick-knacks to clothing, from hardware supplies to the best handcrafted products, some of which are made right there, in front of the curious eyes of the visitors. The market has become a fun place to meet people, and many restaurants in the area offer typical lunches at moderate prices.


Saturday from 7.30 to 13.00 - full version of the market (all year round)

Wednesday market from 10.00 to 17.00 - reduced version of the market:

  • March 27th - June 26th 2024
  • September 4th - October 30th 2024

October market:

  • Sunday 13 October
  • Sunday 20 October


  • Cheese
  • Cold cuts
  • Specialties
  • Wine


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