The old town of Ronco s/Ascona: spatial richness and urbanistic peculiarities


Ronco s/Ascona

Discover the urban and scenic peculiarities of Ronco s/A. Architect and town planner Sabrina Németh will lead you through the intriguing historic town centre of Ronco. In addition to illustrating the history and urban evolution of Ronco, the proposed itinerary is also a unique opportunity to access some buildings and magical private gardens.

29.5.2022* + 9.7.2022* + 6.10.2022 + 9.10.2022

Meeting point: Piazza del Semitori, 2.15 PM
Duration: approx. 1.5 and 2.5* hours
Information and registration: [email protected], +41 78 679 61 26.

Personalized group tours on request (in IT/DE/EN/FR/ES).


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