Ticino regio.garantie quality mark

S. Antonino

What does the Ticino regio.garantie quality mark represent?
The Ticino regio.garantie quality mark is the only certification testifying to the local provenance of products from Ticino that is monitored and recognised nationwide. This certification is only awarded to products that undergo specific strict controls by the certifying body, also ensuring their traceability.

Non-composite products (e.g. vegetables) must consist entirely of raw ingredients from Ticino, while composite products (e.g. yoghurt) must contain products from Ticino amounting to at least 80% of their weight. Furthermore, at least two thirds of the value added by manufacturing or processing the product must have been generated in Ticino. The certification is guaranteed by alpinavera (an organisation recognised across Switzerland, which promotes and boosts sales of regional products).

Where can we find products with the Ticino regio.garantie quality mark?
Products with the Ticino regio.garantie quality mark are easy to find today in supermarkets (e.g. Migros: “I Nostrani del Ticino”), as well as in corner shops, from the manufacturers themselves and from the online shops listed on marchioticino.ch.

Why do consumers play a fundamental role?
The Ticino regio.garantie quality mark, owned by the canton and managed by the Unione Contadini Ticinesi, certifies products and the production chain and also acts as an ambassador for an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible economy, which focuses on the needs of everyone who lives and works in the area. 
Choosing products with the Ticino regio.garantie quality mark means eating safe, healthy and tasty food, guaranteeing employment, cutting CO2 emissions, safeguarding biodiversity and our traditions, and looking after the landscape. 


  • Beer
  • Cheese
  • Cold cuts
  • Specialties
  • Wine


  • Tasting sessions
  • Wine shops