Villages and hill of Locarno


The Locarnese National Park Project villages and hills will charm you from the Maggia delta to the suggestive Ascona lakeside, with its museums and exquisite restaurants. You will also be able to appreciate the beautiful view from Monte Verità, an energetic place and refuge for artists and men of letters at the beginning of the twentieth century, Arcegno, a village of medieval origins, near the forest and streams of the Maia Forest Reserve. The “Strada dei Polacchi” (Street of the Polish), immersed in greenery, leads you to Golino, the slow flowing Melezza and Maggia rivers and then onto Losone and Locarno, where you can appreciate the nature and authentic culture of a natural park just outside the city.



  • Locarno – Ascona – Monte Verità – Ronco s/Ascona – Arcegno (Collina di Maia) – Golino – Losone – Locarno
  • Distance: 30 km
  • Lenght: 2-3 hours
  • Technical level: easy
  • Physical condition level: easy
  • Signalized: map will be given

E-Bike- and Bike rentals:

  • Stazione Locarno: +41 (0)51 221 52 33 /
  • Ascona-Locarno Turismo: +41 (0)848 09 10 91