"Fessure" - Svizzera




“Fessure” – Svizzera
Teatro delle Radici
With Giovanna Banfi-Sabbadini, Bruna Gusberti, Ornella Maspoli, Massimo Palo, Nunzia Tirelli, Irene Zucchinelli
Text and Direction Cristina Castrillo

The Japanese technique of 'Kintsugi', or 'the art of precious scars', consists of repairing broken shards by binding them with thin gold foils. As it breaks, the ceramic takes on new life through the fracture lines of the object, which becomes even more precious thanks to its scars. Kintsugi is the art of embracing damage and not concealing wounds.
This is then a show about fractures, about the difficulty of repairing what is broken, shattered, damaged. It is fuelled by an intense unease and the difficulty of understanding whether the design of life that we have wanted to call normality, still meets the needs of a better existence.
Even theatre and a principle of culture fall apart on us and, as such, this play is broken, fragmented; held together by a faint breath, that which, like the gold of kintsugi, sometimes resembles an act of repair and affection.


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