"Graffio sul Bianco" Svizzera




Teatro delle Radici

With Giovanna Banfi-Sabbadini, Ornella Maspoli, Massimo Palo, Carlo Verre
Text and Direction Cristina Castrillo

"The words that are gone, where are they waiting for us?
We are the words that tell what we are".
Eduardo Galeano

Graffio sul bianco is a rudimentary and crude contact with the written word, literature, books, from those thrown away like trash to those that have enriched our existence. From the hand that picks up a pencil
becoming a threat, to the many words we have lost by dint of abuse. From the books piled up devoured by fire to the words we need to learn by heart so that no one takes them away from us.
From dead books and the pages no one will read to the illuminating images that will remain with us forever.
Elaborated as if we were leafing through a book or allowing ourselves to linger over a few pages by surprise, the show brings together the associations, fantasies and memories that have appeared in contact with writing, sometimes as a solitary soliloquy, sometimes as a dialogue with one's ghosts, sometimes giving life even to a sentence abandoned in a dirty little line.
Like a blank sheet of paper, we have passed over pages full of consciousness and memory, trying to grasp in the many scratches, our own reflection.


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