“La fabbrica dei baci” - Italia Intrecci teatrali - Spettacolo per bambini




With: Andrea Gosetti, Sarah Leo and Massimo Testa

By Andrea Gosetti and Roberto Anglisani

Pennino lives in Semprefreddo, a town - you can imagine - where it is so cold that to eat popsicles you first have to put them in the microwave. And where, above all, one buys kisses! Buy kisses? Couldn't you just give them? eh no, because in Sem- prefreddo they long ago forgot how to show love.... and so people buy them at the supermarket, sealed in their shiny little boxes. There are all kinds of kisses for every occasion: goodnight kisses, mother's kisses, tender kisses... And every day, by law, something has to be celebrated, so the consumption of kisses increases and the factory's profits skyrocket. And so Nibs has to solve a problem: he has forgotten that the next day is Mother's Day and has not bought a single little kiss to give her. And now that the shops are closed, all that's left for Nib to do is to enter the scary kiss factory and steal a bunch for his mum. But the adventure will bring him face to face with the town's great mystery: how does that factory really work? What plans does its fearsome owner have? And where has Nib's dad gone? The happy ending, as in any self-respecting fairytale, is assured.

CHF 20.
CHF 15.
Children up to the age of 12: CHF 10.
Members CHF 17.-/12.-

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