Classical Accordion Concert 'from classic to popular music'




The concert will take place in the small Church of S. Teresa in Montedato, which has a unique acoustics for instruments such as the accordion.

Laura Tomatis started playing the accordion as a child in Montedato but had to put it aside due to her studies. In recent years, she got back to the accordion and developed a classical repertoire thank to the support of Aleksandar Aleksandrovic as a mentor and teacher. Aleksandar Aleksandrovic obtained great results in many music competitions, both as solo and ensemble, and has played at concerts throughout Europe and in China.

In Ticino, the accordion is mainly known as a folk music instrument. The classical accordion is however different as it allows playing of multiple voices simultaneously. In the traditional version of the instrument, the left hand would just play the accompaniment, whereas the classical instrument allows playing proper melodies like on a piano.


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