Let's bring Bacchus back to Verscio Carnival - un Carnevale diVerscio dal solito




???? Don't miss out on 18 February for a Verscio Carnival out of the ordinary! ????

Here's what you can expect:
?? 4 p.m.: Meeting at Piazza Dimitri to recreate the iconic historic photo of the 1900 Carnival.
?? 4.30 p.m.: Ivy procession with music by Stefan Fruh and Ilario Garbani to the Agarta Farm.
?? from 5 p.m.: Coronation of the new king and Party among the vines (or in the barn in case of rain) with folk and techno music until evening!

We would like to remind you that our proposal is in addition to that of the Re Lifroc committee, which will take place regularly from 11 a.m. with a royal buvette, risotto in the square and tombola.

The event is FREE and organised independently, counting on the support of all of you! Join us and support the idea see everything on the site: curiosities, where the idea came from, how to help organise the parade, crowdfunding, or simply the programme and how to add your smile to ours. ??

Thank you to everyone who is already supporting us! ???? #CarnevaleDiVerscio


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