Alla Capanna

4 rooms 30 beds

The mountain guesthouse Alla Capanna with sun terrace and breathtaking view is located on the beautifully situated Alp Monte Comino, in the middle of the wild and romantic Centovalli and yet only 30 minutes away from Locarno.

The place can be reached in just 5 minutes from the top of the Verdasio - Monte Comino cable car or along various hiking trails.

The guesthouse has 3 double rooms, 1 family room and a multi-bed room with 12 places, running c/w water, modern showers and toilets and a wood central heating. 

The menu includes among other dishes self-made gnocchi and handmade Ticino sausages as well as a delicious Torta di Pane, the local breadcake.

Ideal for day trips, mountain holidays, family celebrations, study trips, seminars, club excursions, hiking groups and much more.

Open from the end of March to the beginning of November.


  • Quiet


  • Restaurant


  • Fitness tracks