Ascona-Locarno App: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ascona-Locarno App intended for?

The app is intended for the owners of holiday homes or apartments and visitors staying overnight in apartments, hotels or camp sites in the region.

Is the app free?

There are no hidden costs; the Ascona-Locarno App is completely free.

How many times can I use the discounts in the app and who is the app valid for?

The app is valid for the entire family and grants access to the discounts for the duration of your stay*.  The use of discounts for the same activity is unlimited (unless otherwise stated in that particular offer).
* validity is annual for owners of holiday homes or apartments.

Does the Ascona-Locarno app need to be connected to the Internet to be used?

After installing the data on your phone and activating the app for the first time, you can use the discounts even without an Internet connection.

Can I pay to access the discounts on the app if it isn’t intended for me?

It is not possible to purchase access to the discounts on the app. The only way to gain access is to be the owner of a holiday home or apartment, or a visitor staying overnight in an apartment, hotel or camp site in the region.

Can the discounts on the app be combined with other discounts (e.g. senior citizens, students, etc.)?

No, the discounts provided by the Ascona-Locarno App cannot be combined with any other type of discount.

What happens to my data when I use the app and how will it be used?

The data collected with be used exclusively and in an anonymous and aggregate form for statistical purposes. More information can be found in the app’s “privacy policy” section.

When I registered through Facebook I received notifications telling me the app would have access to my username and profile picture and may be used to share information about me. What does this mean?

These notifications are standard Facebook messages. The app does not in any way take possession of data such as profile pictures and Facebook usernames, nor can it share information about you.

Can I give away or sell my access to the discounts?

Access to the Ascona-Locarno App is strictly personal and can only be used by owners of holiday homes and apartments, or visitors staying overnight in apartments, hotels or camp sites in the region.

I stayed in Ascona-Locarno in 2023. How can I use discounts in 2024 too?

1.    Stay overnight in the region again.
2.    Log in to the app with your account. There's no need to create another one.
3.    Scan the QR code at your accommodation.
4.    You can now access all the app's discounts once more!

I own a holiday home and I used discounts in 2023. How can I enjoy discounts in 2024?

If you're a registered user and already used the app in 2023, you can continue enjoying discounts in 2024 too.
If you're a new holiday homeowner or will be using the app for the first time in 2024, you can find everything you need to know here

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