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Get to know Ascona-Locarno in an exciting way. Set off on a cultural journey through time, crack riddles and immerse yourself virtually in the history of the Castello Visconteo.

Wouldn't it be exciting to travel back in time and meet personalities from that era? The Locarno Time Travel Tour is your ticket to a journey into a time long gone. Lake Maggiore also keeps many secrets. This is where Sherlock fans come in, because the key to escaping from the Escape Room Losone and Castello Marcacci, and finding the right clues in the Sato Code, is solving tricky puzzles. History buffs can virtually wander the corridors of Castello Visconteo as it was in the 16th century or discover the history of Lake Maggiore in a playful way (in the form of a visual novel). So, keep your eyes open, the clues can be anywhere.

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