Eco-friendly holidays in the Lake Maggiore region

Eco-friendly holidays and sustainable tourism are also possible in Switzerland’s sunniest region. Find out how to visit Ascona-Locarno in a green way and support ecotourism with sustainable and responsible holidays that respect the environment and its inhabitants, in a region that promotes sustainable holidays, eco-friendly and responsible tourism.

Eco-friendly holidays in the Lake Maggiore region
  • Environmental holidays on Lake Maggiore: did you know you can visit Ascona-Locarno while respecting the environment?

  • Enchanting landscapes, blossoming and verdant valleys, parks that come to life with flowers in the spring, crystal-clear rivers and pristine nature that grows luxuriantly all make Ascona-Locarno a decidedly green destination.

  • And we want it to stay that way! With that in mind, in addition to an extensive public transport network and widespread bike-sharing system, the region plays host to climate neutral events, eco-friendly hotels, green accommodation options and activities that promote local commerce. If the region is dear to your heart and you want to make your holidays eco-friendlier, here are some easy to follow, stress-free tips, because even the smallest step towards being green makes a difference.

Environmental and sustainability holidays: why choose Ascona-Locarno?

With its breath-taking landscapes, imposing waterfalls, dense forests and crystal-clear rivers, the Ascona-Locarno region, which stretches from the lake to the mountains, inspires calm, tranquillity and energy. A unique and pristine environment where you can switch off and immerse yourself in nature.

Clock up some miles on the 1,400 km of hiking trails, roughly the same distance it would take to walk from Locarno to Copenhagen. Hiking aficionados won’t be disappointed by routes that lead into valleys, up mountains and down to the lake shore, through varied landscapes that range from palm trees to glaciers. Fitness freaks have a huge natural playground at their disposal: MTB routes, running and trail running itineraries, rock walls to climb, rivers to walk down, an entire lake for water sports, ice rinks, tennis courts and golf courses are just some examples.

  • It’s the ideal place for an environmental and sustainability holiday.

  • Thanks to the bike-sharing and e-bike network, extensive public transport service and numerous cable cars, the region is easy to explore and experience in an eco-friendly way.

How to get there: eco-friendly travel to Lake Maggiore.

Start your sustainable holiday on Lake Maggiore with your journey: thanks to AlpTransit, getting there by train has never been faster. Once here, you can get around by bus, bike, e-bike or, why not, electric car. Whichever you choose, thanks to Ticino Ticket, the region’s entire public transport network will be free if you stay overnight in one of the region’s hotels, hostels or camp sites. You’ll also receive various discounts on other services, such as ski lifts, museum tickets and plenty more besides. Stay in a hotel with a low environmental impact, such as the Eco-Hotel Cristallina, which puts the environment and local products at the centre of its concerns.

Where to sleep: hotels with a low environmental impact and a particular focus on sustainability that exploit renewable energies, as well as stone houses, huts and off-grid accommodation options.

Stay in a hotel with a low environmental impact or a traditional stone house. The Eco-Hotel Cristallina and the Hotel & Lounge Lago Maggiore, for example, give pride of place to ecology and local products, using solar panels and water recovery in a way that makes them almost self-sufficient. The Locanda Fior di Campo and the Hotel Sass da Grüm are also committed to sustainability, are built from local approved materials, and offer kilometre zero products. Typical alpine stone houses and huts also have a low environmental impact.

Where to eat: restaurants that focus on products made by local producers and use ingredients from their own gardens.

Choose restaurants with a particular focus on kilometre zero foods or local products made or grown by local people. Grottoes offer typical cuisine made from local products, but plenty of restaurants also favour regional ingredients, such as the Locanda Barbarossa, which uses products grown on its own land and has been awarded a Michelin Green Star in recognition of sustainability.

What to do: eco-friendly activities on Lake Maggiore for an unforgettable holiday.

There are plenty of eco-friendly activities. From mountain hikes to short trips in the region’s centres of energy, walks in nature reserves and bike rides. Activities such as llama trekking on Monte Comino contribute to preserving the region’s ecosystem. Experiences such as Bobosco and Swing the World re-use natural products, giving them a new purpose and prompting visitors to discover the landscape. Food & wine tours, on foot or by bike, support local producers.

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