Million Stars Hotel

Million Stars Hotel, the unique hotel for exciting nights under the shining sea of stars for star gazers. Over 50 overnight accommodations throughout Switzerland to search for constellations and watch shooting stars from a cozy bed. An adventurous stay in exceptional locations in original beds. The starry nights and the magical atmosphere make even non-romantic hearts beat faster and the most down-to-earth take off as astronauts.

Luxury in a different style - sparkling stars, a cozy atmosphere and lots of imagination promise unforgettable summer nights at the Million Stars Hotel. The direct view of the starry sky is of priceless value. Treat yourself to a little luxury and get to know the region Ascona-Locarno from its shimmering side.

The summer campaign of Switzerland Tourism takes star counters and adventurers on a journey to the most beautiful places in Switzerland and promises sparkling nights under the open starry sky. There is currently one of these exclusive Million Star Hotels in the Ascona-Locarno region (more to come soon) - the Cube of the Camping Tamaro Resort. The Night Sky Tamaro is placed near the lake and makes the stars not only sparkle in the sky but also dance on the lake. 

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