6 places to get your energy back

Sometimes we just need to unplug to recharge our batteries and dedicate some quality time to ourselves. Work, home, family, relationships... When you feel as if you have a thousand things to do and no time to do them, take a break. Stop. Breathe. Live. Empty your mind. Let your thoughts settle for a moment and rediscover energy in nature. As a wellness destination, and thanks to its energy itineraries that will take you to the region’s places of power, Ascona-Locarno is particularly special if you need to recharge.

  • Rest.

  • When you feel exhausted, sometimes you just need a little time out, to take a break before starting again with more energy than you had before. Nature is a wonderful ally to help you with this. Walking among trees and flowers, offering your face up to the sun, enjoying some sport in a nature reserve, painting a landscape, giving vent to your thoughts in the wildest valley of all or enjoying the sunset on a wooden swing hanging from a tree.

The Barbescio, near Arcegno, under which the Insubric Line runs, is an excellent spot for regenerating yourself with a little yoga or simply sitting down to admire the view. Here the energy and magnetism of nature are particularly strong. The narrow streets of the village of Arcegno and its traditional houses are also a real blast from the past. If water is what helps restore you, the rivers and waterfalls are ideal. 

The Cascata del Salto waterfall in Maggia is a corner of heavenly wild nature just a stone’s throw from civilisation. It’s easily accessible and offers the peace you need. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a rainbow! Another place with a very special energy is Monte Verità above Ascona. Here you can meditate in the zen garden, take a break while sipping a matcha tea on the terrace or stroll among the tea seedlings of one of Europe’s most northerly plantations.

  • Breathe.

  • Breathing is the only thing we cannot avoid doing for more than a few minutes. It is an activity suspended between the conscious and unconscious, a bridge between inside and outside. This is why activities such as meditation and yoga place so much importance on breathing. Pausing the mind and living in the flow of nature can fill you with energy, especially in the right places.

The Bolle di Magadino are the perfect spot for getting away from it all and immersing yourself completely in nature. Open to the public, its trails are marked by boards offering information about the flora and fauna, and observation posts. This nature reserve is a floodplain landscape of international importance and the preferred habitat of many bird species. On sunny days, when the ground is dry, it’s also ideal for e-biking. Somewhere else where you can give free rein to your ideas without interruption in an incredible landscape is the Valle Onsernone

Of all the valleys in the region, this is the most unspoilt, and a charm all of its own has attracted countless artists and writers in search of inspiration. The perfect place for taking your notebook in hand and letting your creativity roam by allowing yourself to be guided by the hard-working soul of this indomitable valley loved by Max Frisch. If you want to spend the afternoon basking in the sun in a meadow or to feel pampered in a special place where time seems to have stood still, we recommend taking the cable-car to Rasa, the only village in Ticino not served by a vehicle accessible road. At an altitude of 898 metres, it’s the perfect place to sit on a handmade swing and enjoy the view, at peace with the world.

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