Family hikes in Ticino: BoBosco

Family excursion in Ticino to discover BoBosco, the life-size bowling alley. Armed with wooden marbles, families set off and wander to a total of 23 very different marble runs, which awakens the joy of experimentation and play not only in the children, but also in the adults.

  • It all began in the Verzasca Valley with Joe Scolari, father of three, carpenter and a real outdoorsman

  • Like many parents, Joe and his wife attempted to entice their children to go hiking. Joe met with neither enthusiasm nor open minds.

  • But those who know Joe know that he doesn't give up that easily. His passion for hiking and nature is unparalleled. A solution was needed. Joe built a large-scale marble run and set it up in his garden. His children were thrilled with it and played with it incessantly. Joe had found a solution, and BoBosco was born.

There are now 23 marble runs along the two trails between Brione Verzasca and Lavertezzo as well as Gerra Verzasca and Sonogno. No two marble runs are the same. The designs of the marble runs are based on know-how and imagination of many heads. Teachers, graphic artists, designers, tinkerers, etc. helped with this BoBosco (short for “Boccia al Bosco”) project, creating a variety of marble runs that surprise anew every time.

“My friends and acquaintances loved my idea, so I got plenty of active assistance with the building of the BoBosco marble runs” says Joe Scolari. For this marble runs large locally produced wooden marbles are used, which are on sale for CHF 9 at numerous locations.

Emerald green and wild, the Verzasca Valley, where BoBosco is located, lends its name to the river that flows through it. Spending some time by the river is a must: to relax, enjoy a picnic and get your bare feet into the cold water.

Good to know: The Ascona-Locarno region is a popular camping destination. With 13 campsites, six of which are 5* and four 4*, you are literally spoilt for choice here, and you don't have to give up your adventures in nature or your usual comfort. Most campsites are located directly by the lake or river and offer families many invaluable benefits. Children love building sandcastles and parents enjoy some time-out.

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