Alpine lake of Salei


Climb from Locarno to Ponte Brolla, then turn left to enter the Terre di Pedemonte. After Cavigliano, take the road to the right that leads into the Onsernone Valley. Stop at Comologno (1085 m). Near the post office, the path to Lake Salei begins. The first stage of the route is Ligünc (1343 m), from where you cross the Val Lavadina to reach Lake Salei (1924 m).

The difference in altitude is 839 m; it takes about 3 hours, including the diversions to Alpe di Salei, where there is a hut of the same name with refreshments and overnight accommodation.

Lake Salei can also be reached from Spruga, crossing the Alpe di Pesced and the pass between the Munzelüm and the Creste.

From Salei, you can reach the Porcaresc Alp and the Arena Alp, the Munzelüm (2061 m), the Porcaresc Peak (2466 m) and the Madei Peak (2550 m). From Alpe di Salei to Vergeletto it takes 3 hours.


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