Azienda Capra Contenta


Goat specialties from our small mountain farm named "capra contenta" ("content goat")
Depending of the season, we offer "Formaggelle di capra"(goat cheese), fresh cheese "büscion", sausage products and other delicacies in the small self-service shop right beside the street at the entrance of the wild-romantic Onsernone Valley. In the spring at Easter it is the season of the famous kiddie goat ("gitzi") meat, which are still raised naturally in the herd and nursed by their mother. In the summer we prepare fresh pesto. In autumn, the sausage specialties of alpine pigs are prepared and in early winter ripen the "Violini di capra" (air-dried goat legs) and the ham of pigs. Goat and Gitzi hides are available on request.
The goats spend most of the year freely in the mountains and return independently each morning to the stable to be milked. Nearby, in the small cheese kitchen, the milk is traditionally processed in the copper kettle to cheese, which is matured in a natural cellar and carried down to the valley on the back or with the help of our llamas.
On the steep mountain meadows all around, hay is harvested manually - by the way an important contribution to the care of the historic Ticino mountain farmers cultural landscape, which is threatened by decay and extinction.
Our goal is to live in harmony with nature and with respect to the life


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